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Totality in Role Art

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Amanda has shown her acting skills in various films. In 2012, he starred in Until the End of the World. In 2013, Amanda took a role in the film Coboy Junior the Movie. Whereas in 2017, he again starred in Love Letters for Starla The Movie.

Entering 2018, Amanda tested two horror films, titled Sajen and Whispering the Devil, taken from Sucia Ramadhani’s novel Ghost Ghost.

Getting a major role in the film Sajen makes the name Amanda skyrocket. The film managed to reach 792,892 viewers during its circulation. Meanwhile, in 2019, Amanda was again involved in two films titled Suara April and Kelam.

Amanda has also starred in so many soap opera titles. In 2012, Amanda filled the screen for the soap opera Hidayah, the Greatness of God and the Angel Princess. In 2013, the soap opera Blue and Kick Si Madun Returns also acted.

Entering 2014, he collided acting in Siti Bling-Bling and All Sayang Eneng. Whereas in 2015, Amanda was again present in the Shy Cat soap opera. Furthermore, only then he took part in Mermaid In Love in 2016 and Mermaid In Love 2 World (2016-2017).

In 2017, Amanda, which increasingly gained a place in the hearts of the people, again entertained television viewers in the soap opera The Choosing Heart. In 2018, she starred in Ada Dua Cinta and Cinta Sebun Dew in 2019.

Besides films and soap operas, Amanda has counted the number of television movie titles. Rows of FTV titles such as My Child’s Backbone, Family’s Blessing, I Want to Do Good so Dad Don’t Teach Me to Steal he once starred.

In 2015, Amanda again tried out her acting skills for FTV titled I Gamau Husband Like My Father, When It Was Found When It Was Lost, My Life Is Like A Doll, and Only You Can Save My Child as Salma and Salwa.

Following in 2016, Amanda again showed her role in the art of sincerity of the Heart for Dad, Beautiful Goat Falling in Love, Suffering Brings Blessing, Lucky Luck Bajigur Artists, Salted Eggs Stamp of Love, and Lope Mermaid in Love.

In 2017, Amanda’s acting skills can be witnessed at Mama Asking Daughter-in-law to Crying Women’s Life in 2018.

Exploring to the Music Industry

Amanda is not only good at acting. He showed his singing ability by releasing a number of singles. Apart from Juragan’s Beloved which was released in 2010, four singles titled Be Over, And I Get Your Heart, Free Sick Me, and Media and Reality were launched in 2013.

In 2014, Amanda re-introduced the single titled Cinema and was followed by Inikah Jatuh Cinta in 2017.