To Make It Even Harsher, Here Are 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Aesthetic Holiday Photos Look


To Make It Even Harsher, Here Are 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Aesthetic Holiday Photos Look

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Frequently post holiday photos on social media but not satisfied with the results? Or maybe you ever feel bored with the same selfie pose? If you feel so, surely a pleasant impression while on vacation will definitely be less visible from the results of the photo.

Do not be sad or disappointed, to overcome this there may be something that must be changed from the way you usually take pictures. In fact, making vacation photos more aesthetic is an easy and easy thing to do. No need for expensive cameras or professional photographer services, just by positioning the right object can make a tourist photo will look very memorable.

1. Try Different Angles

Actually, there is nothing wrong with taking the same photo perspective. However, so that vacation photos look more attractive, one of the keys is to be able to take advantage of taking objects from the camera’s perspective or angle.

Taking a selfie while on vacation often has a monotonous angle. In fact, if you dare to try a different or unique angle, the resulting photo can be a work that has aesthetic and eccentric impression.

For example, if most people take photos from the front, you can try taking pictures through the low angle and high angle. Both of these photographic techniques can give the impression of being drastically different from each other. To be sure, the photo technique can bring up a ‘story’ that is different from your vacation.

The selection of the angle when taking pictures does have to see the location and objects in the tour visited. If necessary, look for photos from professional photographers on the internet or social media and copy images that have interesting angles.

By imitating the angle of the photo, it is quite possible that the photo taken looks like the work of a professional. Certainly, for photos to look more dramatic and aesthetic, don’t hesitate to take an eccentric perspective.

2. Choosing the Right Photo Time

Daytime is often chosen as a time to tour the tourist attractions. Maybe, take pictures when the sun is high is what makes the photos seem ordinary.

Taking pictures with bright sunlight does not give a different effect. Another case when you decide to take photos when the new sun gives a little light.

Because the morning light can make photos look dozens of times more dramatic. Sunrise does have its own charm in showing its beauty. So, when you can apply this method while on vacation, guaranteed photos will get more likes on your social media.