Paralayang Batu Malang


Paralayang Batu Malang

Solar System, Big Bang

If you are a paragliding sports lover or just love it, you can visit this one area, namely Paralayang Batu Malang. This paragliding activity usually starts from Mount Banyak as a departure location and ends in the Songgoriti area as its landing point. If you want to enjoy this paragliding activity, then you can choose one of the packages provided there with a budget of around IDR 350 thousand to IDR 500 thousand

Coban Jidor

This beautiful waterfall is located right in Bendolawang Hamlet, Ngadirejo Village, Jabung District, Malang Regency. The journey to Coban Jidor can be passed on foot with a distance of 1 kilometer. There will be no fatigue that comes, because it will be paid with a variety of beautiful scenery along the road, including views of the river flowing on one side of the road.

Arrange Vacation Plans Correctly
Malang has a variety of unique and beautiful tourist destinations, from the beach to some of its exotic waterfalls. You can enjoy different tourist activities when you come to Malang. Plan your trip from the beginning or from afar, starting from anyone who is going on vacation, vacation time, to vacation budget so that the vacation can run smoothly and pleasantly.