Here Are You, The Bully Comments That Made Sulli Ex F (x) Suicide!


Here Are You, The Bully Comments That Made Sulli Ex F (x) Suicide!

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It turns out that there are still many people who think that mental illnesses such as depression are taboo or even indifferent to sufferers. F (x) Sulli or Kpop Idol, whose real name is Choi Jinri, is one of the artists in South Korea who openly points out her mental illness.

Sulli was suffering from severe depression due to too much receiving various scathing comments that netizens threw directly at her social media.

Life as one of the artists who was most attacked by scathing comments by many people during his 10-year career, Sulli finally gave up and decided to end his life in his own apartment.

Chronology of Death of Sulli
Reported by the local Korean news media Osen News, Police received a report that Sulli was found dead in her apartment in the Seongnam area, Gyeonggi Province, southern Seoul by her own manager on Monday, December 14, 2019. Sulli ended her life by hanging herself.

News of the death of the artist who was still 25 years old was finally officially announced by his own agency SM Entertainment via Twitter @smtownglobal the next day on October 15, 2019.

SM Entertainment also informed that Sulli’s body was buried at the funeral home in Sincheon on October 16, 2019. The funeral was held in private from the media, only fans, family, close friends and fellow artists from Sulli were allowed to attend the funeral.

Sulli’s Struggle to Face the Depression of the Cyber ​​Bully Attack
Before debuting as one of the members of the popular idol group F (x) in 2019, Sulli first had a career as a child actress. After debuting as one of the vocalists and visuals on F (x) for 7 years, finally in 2015 SM Entertainment said that Sulli was no longer a member of F (x) due to health reasons.

Sulli’s exit from F (x) was also accompanied by news of a special relationship she had forged together with one of Korea’s famous singer Choiza, Dynamic Duo. Because both of these news appeared almost at the same time, it was there that the cyber bully shown to Sulli was getting worse and worse when Sulli opened her personal Instagram social media account, @jelly_jilli.

On his Instagram account Sulli often uploads pictures judged by kpop fans, fans from his former group and even the Korean people themselves are too sexy, vulgar and inappropriate. Even in the comments column on each photo Sulli can be found words that contain SARA, sexual harassment is also a threat of murder.