Active on Social Media


Active on Social Media

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Same as young people in general. Although his youth has become a politician, but he is also active in his social media. But not all social media that he uses, only Instagram and YouTube.

He has two Instagram accounts each named @hillarybrigitta with 52.5k followers and @hillarylasut with 34k followers. On this Instagram account, he posts various daily activities, activities during the campaign period with the Nasdem party to the present activities which often appear on various television sets as invited guests who inspire other young people.

Not much different, on his YouTube account called Hillary Lasut TV, he also shared videos of his political activities. Until now, he has obtained 479 subscribers.

Already Have Billion Total Wealth

Young age does not mean you don’t have anything. The proof, Hillary already has a fantastic amount of wealth. Reported by, Hillary’s wealth report as of May 28, 2019 reached Rp9,131 billion, with a breakdown of 10 square meters of land and 21 square meters of buildings in West Jakarta which has a value of Rp12.5 billion. In addition, there are also those in South Minahasa worth Rp7 billion.

Hillary also has IDR 495 million worth of securities and a 2016 Datsun Go car that is worth IDR 80 million. Not only that, there are other assets that are not detailed by the elhkpn amounting to Rp253 million.

Placed in Commission III

By being elected as a member of the DPR, Hillary was placed in Commission III in accordance with her scientific background, namely law. He hopes, by becoming a law graduate, he can become an influential person in fighting for a policy of law enforcement, protection of human rights and security that is just for the Indonesian people.

Hopefully the Trust and Can Be an Inspiration for Young People
Although still at a very young age, hopefully Hillary can become a member of the DPR who is very trustworthy in channeling the aspirations of the people. That way, he can also be an inspiration to other young people to achieve success at a young age. Nothing is impossible, because with effort, willing to study hard, dreams can certainly be achieved easily.