4 Easy Steps to overcome bad breath without brushing your teeth


4 Easy Steps to overcome bad breath without brushing your teeth

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Bad breath becomes something that feels disturbing and can cause discomfort, especially when interacting with others. The condition of the teeth and also the mouth that is not clean will usually be the main trigger for the onset of bad breath.

In general, most people will brush their teeth immediately to get rid of bad breath. This is certainly not always easy to do, especially when you are outside the home and do not bring along a toothbrush. But if left unchecked, bad breath like this can only reduce self-confidence.

Actually, in addition to brushing your teeth, there are some easy steps that can be taken to overcome this bad breath, so that self-confidence can still be maintained properly.

1. Chew minty gum

One of the easiest steps to get rid of bad breath is to chew gum. Choose gum with mint scents that are proven to be able to overcome bad breath quickly.

But if you don’t really like gum, other candies with the aroma of mint can also be an option. In addition to mint flavor, there are many other flavor choices that are also effective in overcoming bad breath, such as: ginger candy, candy with fennel aroma, and others.

2. Use mouthwash

Using mouthwash is another practical step that can be taken to overcome bad breath. In general, this mouthwash is present in the aroma of fresh mint. However, some other mouthwashes can also be found in the scent of antiseptic which is quite pungent.

Mouthwash will treat food scraps and also bacteria found in the mouth, so bad breath can be treated properly.

3. Consumption of fruits

Some types of fruit can also cope with bad breath well, such as apples that contain polyphenols that have been proven to kill bacteria and overcome the gas that smells quickly in the mouth.

In addition, fruits that contain vitamin C can also produce acids and prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth, such as oranges, strawberries, grapes, guava, and others. Consuming these fruits can help overcome bad breath that both disturbs and nourishes the body.

4. Avoid foods that trigger bad breath

Some types of food can also trigger bad breath, especially if after consuming these foods do not immediately brush your teeth cleanly. The rest of these foods can leave distinctive and unpleasant odors in the mouth, such as: jengkol, petai, garlic, onions, and others. Avoid to consume these foods, so bad breath does not become a problem afterwards.